Dan Teich

The best advice I can give to people is to take care of themselves. About two years ago, I made a commitment to better living - to having more energy and enjoyment of life. Working a Washington job can suck out much of our life force, preventing us from obtaining needed exercise, which is needed for mental well-being. Doing such a task on one’s own is nearly impossible and through a recommendation, I found Reggie Gardiner, a partner in my wellness. 


Anyone can have a workout partner, but Reggie brings experience, knowledge, and an educational background to the gym. He also listens to your concerns, takes care that you are comfortable and do not injure yourself, along with giving you a bit of motivation. We meet two to four times per week and it has been the best investment I have ever made. He has helped me help myself in personal and professional growth. And I have gained a friend along the way.  - 2018



Brooke Holmes, 33 

I like to call Reggie the gentle giant. That does not mean that you will not work hard and that he will not push you. It means that he understands his craft, understands that each body is different, and he is going to cater your workouts to maximize your results. - 2017



Joana Mendez 

After gaining close to 40lbs due to a poor diet, lack of exercise and an underactive thyroid, I finally
decided to put my health as a priority and hired Reggie as my personal trainer through recommendation.


My first workout was challenging, but Reggie’s encouragement brought me back for more. He assessed
my fitness level and worked with me to improve my stamina and strength. We discussed my diet and he
gave me some recommendations on how to improve that too. Our workouts were varied which prevented them from feeling repetitive or like a traditional workout, which I enjoyed since I tend to lose focus easily. He alternated cardio, weights, jumping rope and boxing among other exercises to keep it interesting and fresh. As I felt stronger Reggie easily recognized that I could lift heavier and run longer, he was a wonderful motivator, encouraging me to get past my mental roadblocks, he was not only my trainer but my “life coach”. After working with him for several months I lost 20lbs and 3 dress sizes and gained a remarkable amount of much needed energy.


I would strongly recommend him as a trainer and would not hesitate to look to him for help again. I thank Reggie for the guidance and providing me the tools to keep myself healthier and leaner. - 2013




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